The Judge Ment Series


Events in Judge William Ment’s courtroom force him to leave his procedural haven in search of a serial killer and send him on a quest to uncover the mysteries that will reveal the elusive truth that he so desires.


A Question of Privilege

Judges are there to judge or so they say. They listen to the evidence, evaluate it, apply the law and logical reasoning, and deliver a judgment or verdict. But Judges are also human beings with personalities, personal lives, and weaknesses.

What happens when these two worlds collide?

Enter the world of Judge William L Ment, a controversial judge with an eye and nose for beautiful women. Ment has all the skills and knowledge of a brilliant judge, but he also possesses strong intuitive faculties and his own special brand of logic. When a brutal murder takes place and Ment is the trial judge, this cognitive faculty takes over, and Ment finds himself on the trail of a serial killer.


How will Ment assume the role of amateur sleuth without breaking all the rules?



A Question of Revenge

Still plagued by the murder in his courtroom, William Ment begins to have a strange recurring dream. When a trial involving the murder of a young British tourist on her honeymoon goes sour, a witness reveals facts that put Ment on the trail of another serial killer. The trail leads him right back to his own doorstep and closer to home than he would have liked it to be. Faced with very little evidence and relying mainly on intuition, and his unique blend of logic, Ment must enter the domain of the killer in order to solve a string of murders. To what extent is he the fly caught up in the entangled web of violence, deceit, and ultimately revenge?

A Question of Desire

When William Ment's friend and colleague, disappears mysteriously, the authorities conclude that he met with a fatal hunting accident.

An appeal hearing reveals a twist that convinces Ment that there is more to the incident than meets the eye.

The trail leads the reluctant, amateur sleuth away from his courtroom and into unfamiliar territory as he attempts with the help of his friends, to discover the truth and satisfy his inquiring mind.


What has a dangerous rhino poaching syndicate and a rogue lion got in common, and is there a link between a sexy goddess of love, a slimy rat, and a deserted stretch of beach?





William Ment


Role: Main protagonist. High Court Judge.Reluctant amateur detective.


Physical Attributes: Grey eyes, good looking.


Relationships: Married to Mary Ment (TV personality and celebrity chef) Two children—Jason and Tracy. He feels attracted to his secretary, Alice Carmichael.


Interests: Law, floriculture, golf, fishing, music, and art.


Unique Characteristics: Heightened intuition, enquiring mind, wit, charm.


Traits: Ability to listen, outstanding memory, legal knowledge, caring attitude,susceptible to manipulation, absent-minded, technologically challenged, clumsy, sceptical, astute, determined, reserved, perceptive, insomniac.


Outstanding quote: “They all love it when I reach my destination, but they hate my mode of travel.”


Appearances: A Question of Privilege, A Question of Revenge, A Question of Desire, Riley and The Rat (A Question of Deceit).


Peter Carstens


Role: Ment’s best friend and worst enemy. Psychiatrist.


Physical Attributes: Geeky.


Relationships: Divorced. Previously married to Dianne. Girlfriend—Priscilla Du Preez

Interests: Psychiatry, golf.


Unique Characteristics: Multi-personality disorder (Alter—Cain)

Traits: Crude, cynical, devious, outspoken, sharp, angry.


Outstanding quote: “That’s what the world really is . . . a bunch of actors.”


Appearances: A Question of Privilege, A Question of Revenge.


Alice Carmichael

Role: Ment’s secretary


Physical Attributes: Blonde, emerald-green eyes, beautiful, unique fragrance, blushes a lot, elegant.


Relationships: No fixed relationship. Attracted to her boss, William Ment. Devoted to her mother before her death. Only child.


Interests: Roses, dancing, fashion.


Unique Characteristics: Grace and beauty.


Traits: Loyal and caring, naive, practical, shy, sweet, sincere, bright, gentle, lonely.


Outstanding quote: “When I was in my late teens, she (my mother) took me to a whole bunch of fragrance shops until we found the perfect perfume for me.” “She said that its purpose was to attract men and not bees.”


Appearances: A Question of Privilege, A Question of Revenge, A Question of Desire, Riley and The Rat (A Question of Deceit).


James Riley


Role: William Ment’s friend. The head of Shadow Investigations. Private detective.


Physical Attributes: Big build, bald, overweight, and hairy.


Relationships: Divorced. Various younger girlfriends (Chantelle, Linda) Two sons.

Interests: Food, money, women,


Unique Characteristics: Detection skills. Outstanding memory. Fearless and reckless.

Traits: Organizational skills, business sense, devious, ruthless, covert, cool, and calculating.


Outstanding quote: “Chantelle doesn’t have succulent, golden peaches, but she does have two ripe melons, and I need all the fruit I can get.”


Appearances: A Question of Privilege, A Question of Revenge, A Question of Desire, Riley and The Rat (A Question of Deceit).