Journal of an Eyewitness


JOURNAL of an Eyewitness by KEN KLOPPER

(The Revised Edition)


Three hours had passed and still no sign of what he had expected. No multitude of angels sweeping down through the clouds as trumpets of war sounded and the rush of ten thousand wings churned the dust and sent people scattering in all directions. No mighty army that sent chills down the spines of the Roman garrison that occupied the city. No fire and bolts of lightning or a thunderous voice from the skies announcing an end to the unjust execution. Instead, there was only silence—a bitter void broken only by gasps of air and the soft groans of weakened men who faced imminent death. 

Original cover art by Jason Enslin

He was a boy born into a family where wealth, beauty, and superiority were all-important.

Plagued by a physical disability, Joshua could not take his rightful place within the family

structure or maintain a meaningful relationship with his successful, business orientated

father or his beautiful, conceited, and spiteful sister. Instead, he is forced to withdraw

into an isolated and secluded world of books where he only expresses his thoughts and

opinions in his daily journal. An acute sense of curiosity and his natural investigative

skills lead him to follow the life of a special child from Nazareth. After a series of

tragedies and disappointments and with the help of his mentor, Ambriel, he unwittingly

travels the rocky road to inner peace and healing.




“But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.” (Matthew 13.16)


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© 2018, Ken Klopper