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March is “Read a Ken Klopper book” month. The following eBooks are free on the days listed.Ken needs a reason to write and knowing that some of his writing is being read offers some inspiration.  You may not always like what you read but you will never know until you have tried it. 

Ken would also appreciate it if you are able to leave a review on the Amazon book page. He enjoys the praises and notes the criticisms. Both have their purposes and functions.



Eye of the Chameleon (detection and mystery) 30 August to 1 September 2019

Killer at the Kibbutz (occult, detection and murder) 2 September to 4 September 2019

Anjel (fantasy, wizards, idiots and heroes) 25 March—29 August to 1 September 2019



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A harrowing story of mystery and human drama set in the period preceding World War II.

A young castaway battles against the warring elements while lost at sea and alone.
Suffering from amnesia, he struggles to try and establish who he is and how he
came to be on a box in the middle of the ocean. The vivid dreams he has are
more confusing than helpful. Is survival really an option?




ANJEL The Agresian Enchantress

A story of mystery, adventure, magic, evil, danger, kindness, caring and sacrifice featuring the stately Egotian wizards, the vicious Agresian warriors, the simple Dullites, the charming Hubots, and the fearsome Dreks. 

They were forced to leave their homes on the planet, Zubar, the only survivors of the deadly Blue Plague. Only four ships leave with different groups on board. They are driven off course and each ship lands in a different sector on a strange planet. Isolated in each sector, the groups evolve into different races, each with their own identity and way of living. Faced with the total annihilation of their race, the Egotian wizards guided by an inscription in the Book of Charms are forced to make contact with their neighbors in other sectors. Based on what they discover, they devise a plan to save themselves from extinction. Nothing changes except for the birth of a girl-child to a young Egotian wizard and girl from the tribe of Agresian warriors. All eyes are eventually on the special teenager as she leaves the safety of her home on a quest to unite the races and fulfill her destiny, despite the challenges and dangers that await her. 




It was 1934; the time of the Great Depression and Keith Watts was living a simple life and doing a simple job driving his train on the Southern Line. It was the uncomplicated existence he chose where he was in control and there was little possibility of being hurt again. Then he does a reckless thing by stopping his train to pick up a little, roving girl on the uphill run to Gooseneck Pass. He follows this with even more folly when he decides to accompany the girl on her quest to find a rich grandmother she has never met.

Armed with scanty resources, they set out on foot on a journey that has Watts doing things he never imagined and feeling things he tried so hard to escape.

Has the strange, shy girl with the weird way of expressing herself, touched his life and the lives of others they meet along the way? Or is a series of coincidences forcing the changes? And just how far can love transcend all barriers?



A story packed with drama, mystery, adventure, and humor.



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