Fiction vs Reality




How would you deal with a situation where you found yourself alone and lost at sea?

How would you feel if you had no idea where you came from and who you are?

What would you do if your only companion was a large floating box?

What would go first—your mind . . . or your body?

How would you survive?



Mystery, drama, adventure, humor, love, lust, greed, and obsession all packed into one box.


When I wrote The Casket and placed my lead character on a box in the open ocean for a period in excess of 5 days without any resources, I thought I was stretching it a bit.


Then an article in a local newspaper assured me that I hadn’t.


Man survives 60 hours in ocean by clinging to coffin lid

TAIPEI: A Taiwanese man has miraculously survived a 60-hour ordeal drifting in rough seas off the island’s east coast even though he cannot swim, local media reported yesterday

Tseng Lien-fa was catching baby eels on the beach in Hualien county early on Friday when he was swept away by an unexpectedly large wave,

“I managed to hold on as the first wave hit me on the chest, but I was overwhelmed by the second and bigger wave,” the 42-year-old told the United Daily News.

Media reports said Tseng managed to grab a floating wooden coffin lid to which he clung until early on Sunday.

Strong waves eventually swept him on to a beach in the south-eastern county of Taitung, km away from where his ordeal began, the reports said.

Coastguards searched for Tseng and found him lying on the beach. Doctors said he had suffered slight dehydration and developed sores on his arms.

“Considering the fact that he had not taken in any food or water while drifting at sea for 60 hours and he remained conscious, all I could say about him was this was a miracle,” said Chen Tien-su, a doctor at Hualien Hospital.

Tseng had been catching eels to make extra money since his fiancée is expecting a baby next month.

(The Cape Times)


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"The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense."

Tom Clancy