The Casket by KEN KLOPPER


This review by a reader sums it all up:

“I LOVED "The Casket". As an editor, I read a ton of books. Sometimes up to three a week. Many times, book plot lines, characters, etc., become interchangeable and I've forgotten them as soon as the words "The End" pass my eyelids. This book has stuck with me. I keep thinking about it and coming back to it rethinking the ending. Did the author mean plot A or did the author mean plot B? Was it intentionally left ambiguous so the reader could form their own conclusions as to the ending?
The book itself follows a harrowing lost-at-sea voyage of a man struggling to survive under near impossible circumstance. In his delirium there are three vignettes, almost sub-stories, to the original plot line. The four stories merge at the conclusion leaving you to ponder and re-think and re-consider.
Things to love about "The Casket": The four main characters have very different back stories and you're drawn into each of their worlds. You root for them and are disappointed in them in equal measure. Their back stories are realistic; as most people's lives are both good and bad. Three of the character's lives are fleshed out brilliantly. Ironically, the main character is the one whose life leaves the most questions and leaves you wondering the most. I'm two weeks from finishing the book and still wondering about him, thinking about him. The editing of this e-book is also really clean. Nothing interrupts a story line like poor editing, so I appreciate a clean edit. The most enjoyable part, though, is how it ends because it opens up a world of possibilities for the reader to contemplate regarding the characters.
I honestly haven't read a book in a long time that stuck with me the way this one has. I certainly haven't read a "good" book that stuck with me the way this one has (really awful ones tend to stick leaving me shaking my head for days).
I have already recommended this book to several people. If you read for entertainment, this book is for you. If you read to be challenged, this book is for you. If you read mysteries, love stories, suspense; it's "Goodfellas" meets "Castaway" with the first half hour of "Forrest Gump" in there for good measure. It's a really good read and the author should be really proud of their accomplishment.



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